How to Find Hidden Gems in a Hot Housing Market

March 27, 2023

How to Find Hidden Gems in a Hot Housing Market

You've decided to invest a hefty sum of your hard-earned money and buy a house. You've considered several homes, and now it's time to decide. But you are not sure which decision is the right one. Did you consider all the things that matter? Sounds stressful, doesn't it? But it's a walk in the park compared to house hunting during a seller's market. In a hot real estate market, houses remain available for a few days, if not only a few hours. You will compete with buyers who offer amounts far above the asking price, often without visiting the property, they are about to buy. So how do you find the home of your dreams and get it at the right price under those circumstances? Here are some practical tips on how to find hidden housing gems in a hot market and close the deal.

Don't discount the properties of the poorly represented

If during your search for real estate, you come across some that are poorly presented, with photos that are blurry and crooked, don't dismiss it as a possible purchase. That's where you should look for the opportunity to find the property you want at the right price. Such properties will attract fewer buyers. That means less competition and, therefore, less likelihood that you'll have to bid more than the asking price to get it. Ask your real estate agent to provide you with a floor plan. During that time, you can use street view or Google maps to look at the exterior of the house and the surrounding neighborhood.

Access to off-market properties gives you an advantage over the competition

Find hidden housing gems in off-market property sale

Off-market properties are not advertised for sale publicly. Access to such real estate gives you an advantage over the competition because instead of bidding against other buyers, you can settle on a price with the owner by coming to a mutual agreement. In this case, it is possible to make a purchase in these four ways:

  • Private sale - In these cases, the seller is trying to avoid paying a commission to the sales agent or has approached them directly.
  • Silent selling - This is a popular option for people who want discretion. Sales are made only through the agent's database.
  • Pre-sale - The property is being prepared to go on the market or is waiting for a specific date to start selling.
  • Post-market - The property did not sell on the first attempt, but the owner is still interested in selling.

Hiring a professional real estate agent will help you find hidden housing gems and buy one of them at a reasonable price.

Hire a good real estate agent

Hiring a professional real estate agent will help you find hidden housing gems and buy one of them at a reasonable price. Hire an agent with experience and whom you trust. Check out their reviews and ask directly from people who have worked with them in the past. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, a real estate agent can find undervalued properties for you, help you negotiate the price, and save you thousands of dollars. Good agents have connections with moving companies who can organize packing and move for you and offer packing tips for a last minute move. It will help you to do it on short notice and settle into the house of your dreams in the shortest time possible.

Buy a bank-foreclosed property

If the property owner does not pay the mortgage as scheduled, the bank can seize the house and sell it to the highest bidder. The idea that the house belonged to someone who lost a home due to lack of money is not pleasant, but the bank will sell it whether you participated in the sale or not, and often at a very affordable price. Banks want to make up for lost money as soon as possible, so they sell houses at a price that ensures a quick sale. That is why the prices are relatively low. You need to know that you are getting the house as it is, so you may need to invest a certain amount of money to make it livable.

Avoid popular areas

The prestige of the location itself is likely to influence the price of properties sold there. If you have been planning to buy a home in a particular neighborhood with a high reputation, consider finding a similar one that offers the same amenities but at lower real estate prices. When choosing a place to buy your home, consider the potential for future development, as this may affect the value of your property. According to professionals at, look out for areas with good transport links, a growing population, and an increasing number of businesses opening. Consider what criteria make the location desirable - good schools, easy access, great nightlife. Once you have defined the criteria, you can assign a numerical score to each criterion at each location. This way, you will be able to compare them more objectively and make a decision about the purchase.

The first buyer that makes an offer is most likely the one who will get the house.

Make an offer first or last

Many people are under the impression that the highest bidding price is always the one that the seller chooses. On the contrary, the first buyer that makes an offer is most likely the one who will get the house. Why is that the case? Well, the only worse thing for a seller than not getting the right price for a property is not to get one at all. The worst-case scenario for most owners is that their estate was too long on the market. People usually tend to avoid properties like that, assuming that there’s something wrong with them. So, sellers will accept, in most cases, the first or the second offer just out of fear. It also applies to the following situation. If you’re the one that made an offer for a property that’s been on the market for a while, you will surely get the house.


If you’ve made up your mind about buying a house, you need to make sure not to waste your money and make the right decision. There are a few hidden housing gems in the hot market, but if you’ve inexperienced in house buying, it will be difficult to find them. We hope our list of advice helped you even a little bit.

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