Common concerns of first-time homebuyers

October 20, 2020

Common concerns of first-time homebuyers
Transitioning from renting an apartment to purchasing your first residential property is an exciting process. However, when looking for a home on the market, you will probably have many questions. Buying real estate is a real headscratcher, even for people who are not doing this for the first time. For your peace of mind, it is vital to cover all the common concerns of first-time homebuyers!

Do I really need a real estate agent?

This is the first question everyone asks themselves. The option to look on your own is tempting since technically, you can look for a place yourself and simply hire a lawyer to make sure everything goes by the book.
However, there are multiple benefits of having a real estate professional by your side. First of all, you get access to exclusive listings that are otherwise invisible. Consequently, chances are better that you will quickly find a place that suits your needs.
Secondly, you don’t have to worry about purchasing a home only to discover later it needs a complete remodel. Sellers have to be completely transparent if they want to work with a real estate agency.

Am I buying the best home for my needs?

Browsing through property listings is a fun activity. You are looking at different homes, and checking out photos and amenities. People usually look at five to ten properties, or even more, before deciding which one to purchase.
However, one of the common concerns of first-time homebuyers is always the same; Am I really buying the perfect place? What if there is an even better property? What if I can find something better at a lower price?
Caption: Finding a dream home is a difficult task, but it can be done with the right help.
All of these questions and concerns are perfectly normal. When you have a wide array of possibilities, and you need to make an important decision, it is normal to doubt if you’ve made the right choice.
The best way to proactively solve this problem is to know exactly what you are looking for. Talk with your family members, decide on a budget, and see what home features are required. Then, discuss the possible locations. Once you have everything on paper, it will be easier to look for a property.

Will I be able to afford my own place?

Money always represents an issue. Mortgage rates are a constant concern, and many additional expenses can pop up at any moment. Nevertheless, the real estate market is booming with business. People are buying and selling homes like never before, and that can mean only one thing; If they can do it, so can you!
The crucial thing here is to know your financial limit. Many people get swayed by looking at better homes that cost more than they can afford, thinking they will manage it somehow. If money is of any concern to you, this is not a good strategy. The best approach is to:
  •       ask for estimates of home prices
  •       talk with the bank about the down payment and mortgage rates
  •       find out real estate agency fees
  •       check if the place needs additional remodeling
  •       get a moving estimate by reaching out to
  •       give a thought about any additional expenses that may appear
Once you know the total cost of all expenses, consider your monthly earnings, and see where you are. Thinking in advance is the best way to avoid additional expenses.

The complexity of purchasing a home for the first time

Trying to understand the background procedures when buying your first property can turn into a massive source of stress. There are so many technical and legal aspects that your head might start spinning with all the new information.
The best piece of advice is to thoroughly research the start-to-finish process of buying a home. The more you read about it, and the more you inform yourself, the better. There is no shortcut for that.
However, there is the added benefit of having a real estate agent at your hand’s reach. You can always ask all the questions you have. A professional and experienced agent knows all the intricate details of purchasing a home.

When is the right time to purchase a home?

Even though you might be in the middle of the purchase process, a question may be lurking in the back of your mind.
Am I ready to become a homeowner? Is now the right time to buy?
It is a fact that markets are constantly changing. Prices go up and down, and you never know when a crisis might hit the economy.
If you already decided to look for a home, that’s a good enough sign that you are ready. If you are having concerns or second thoughts, revisit them with your loved ones and try to figure out the source of these feelings.

Did I hire the right person for the job?

With so many real estate agencies around, it seems impossible to know if you’ve hired the best agent you could find. Here is how to tell if you have hired a professional or not:
  •       a reliable agent knows the market fluctuations and home structures by heart
  •       complete transparency is imperative
  •       a trustworthy agent will not just try to sell you the first home you see, but give you advice and help you make an informed decision
  •       a true professional is always polite and has vast technical knowledge on the topic of real estate
  •       real estate testimonials speak for themselves; read them!

Common concerns of first-time homebuyers and how to deal with them!

One last thing to have in mind is that these common concerns of first-time homebuyers are not something to be afraid of. It is just a normal response to an unknown situation. The best approach is to acknowledge all of these concerns, talk about them, and find the most efficient solution. There is nothing left but to wish you good luck with your first home purchase!

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