Biggest Myths About Working with a Real Estate Agent

November 28, 2022

Biggest Myths About Working with a Real Estate Agent

One of the best choices you can make when looking for a new home is to work with a realtor. After all, a realtor can make sure you find the perfect home and help you through the entire home-buying process. And even though real estate agents help people constantly, there are still myths about working with them. Most of these myths revolve around realtors hiding information and just wanting your money. Needless to say, these myths are false, and there is no reason not to work with real estate agents. In fact, you stand to gain quite a lot by hiring a realtor when looking for a new home. In order to help dispel these myths, we’ve put together a list of the biggest myths about working with a real estate agent.

Real estate agents are always late

The most common myth people believe about real estate agents is that they’re always late. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, as it’s in a realtor’s best interest to be as punctual as possible. Unless it’s completely out of their control, realtors will always make sure to be there on time. Especially if a realtor needs to help several clients in one day, they will want to make sure everything goes right, and they make it on time. Any sort of delay to their schedule can cause a lot of problems, which can reflect badly on their image and reputation.

All in all, punctuality is something every good real estate agent has. And when it comes to searching for a home, knowing what you shouldn’t compromise on is incredibly important. Certain things are must-haves, and you should make sure the home you’re interested in has them before buying.

Real estate agents will hide things about a home in order to sell it

Not only is this myth untrue, but it’s also illegal; real estate agents are required by law to disclose problems with a property. If they don’t, they are liable to be taken to court, face legal repercussions, and lose their real estate license. All in all, no sane realtor would ever risk being taken to court over a sale. As such, there is no reason to believe they would hide things such as this from you. After all, it’s in their best interest to stick with the rules. So, instead of worrying about that, you should worry about organizing your move. For example, if you’re moving intrastate into California, you should focus on getting your move organized adequately. And remember, hiring reliable movers is a huge part of moving successfully. And experts can help you reach any part of the state no matter where you’re moving from.

You’ll save money by going for a smaller commission

Generally speaking, the price of a real estate agent’s commission is indicative of the quality of their work. As such, in the long run, a smaller commission can end up being more costly because of the extra time and effort it takes to buy a new home. So, when working with a real estate agent, you’re better off hiring a realtor with a higher commission. By doing this, you can at least guarantee that they’ll put in the required effort to help you out. Additionally, the better the realtor, the smoother the process will go overall. And, of course, good realtors can help you find the perfect home for your circumstances. Bad ones, on the other hand, can lead to all sorts of issues in the long run. Also, it might be worth thinking about cutting costs when moving if you’re working with a tight budget.

Real estate agents have to give you all of the information on a neighborhood

When working with a real estate agent, they are only required to disclose information about the house. When it comes to the neighborhood, they can share information, but they’re not required to by any means. If you want to make sure the neighborhood suits all of your needs, you’ll have to do your own research. With that said, it’s worth asking your realtor for sources of information about the neighborhood. While they don’t have to know or share everything about a neighborhood, good realtors will still know where to find it—as such, asking them for a place to start is generally an excellent way to get your research going. Researching the neighborhood is also a good idea if you’re planning a DIY move, although there are many reasons to avoid DIY moves. It’s much better to rely on experts where you can, especially when moving.

Real estate agents will say anything to make a sale

Besides hiding information about problems, some people believe realtors will lie about a house to make it seem better. However, while this isn’t strictly illegal, a real estate agent’s career depends on their referrals. If they’re caught lying or cheating in their work, their reputation would be ruined, and they wouldn’t be able to continue their career. It’s imperative for real estate agents to be fair and honest in all of their dealings to maintain their reputations. After all, since their careers live and die by their reputation, they always try to give the best possible service and keep everything above the table. So, you don’t have to worry about your realtor lying to you in order to make a sale. Just make sure to check out their reviews online, and as long as no one claims they’ve been lied to, you’re good.

Biggest myths about working with a real estate agent – closing thoughts

Many people distrust real estate agents because of myths floating around. Things such as believing that realtors are liars who will do anything to make a sale and just want to get their hands on your money. However, realtors make the home-buying process much easier, and you should work with one when looking for a new home. We hope this list of the biggest myths about working with a real estate agent helps you in your property search.

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