6 Reasons to Avoid a DIY Move

October 11, 2022

6 Reasons to Avoid a DIY Move
Person making a DIY move.
By, Lisa Roberts
Moving can be a demanding and stressful process. This process involves much time, effort, and money to succeed. It also requires you to prepare yourself, your family, and your stuff. There are many obstacles and pitfalls along the way, so gathering some information is wise before jumping into the relocating process. Moving on your own is even more challenging. That means that you will need to rely solely on yourself, and sometimes it can be tough to achieve, or even worse, it can be perilous. Imagine yourself moving to another country, packing by yourself, and carrying those heavy things around. That involves even more stress and excitement as well. So, as you can see, there are many reasons to avoid making a relocation by yourself. However, this article will discuss the main 6 reasons to avoid a DIY move.

Reasons to avoid a DIY move

A recent study shows that an average American moves eleven times during a lifetime. Some of them can’t afford to hire professional help at all times. And while DIY moving can be appealing, it can also be deceiving. According to moving experts, you should consider these factors before deciding on a DIY move:
  • time management
  • personal items safety
  • personal safety
  • logistics
If you can answer these questions with ease, then there is a chance that DIY might work for you. Still, it can be a dangerous prospect, and every moving expert would recommend otherwise. DIY moves are often full of pitfalls and mistakes that can cost you more than hiring a professional moving company.

Time management is one of the reasons to avoid DIY move

Being a master of your time has become a luxury in modern times. For many, it is still a beacon of freedom. Every moving process requires time. And a lot, where that came from if you decide on a DIY move. That is usually the first pitfall and one of the reasons to avoid a DIY move. It may sound like you are saving time by handling all the stuff alone, but you are wasting your time. The more belongings you have, the longer it will take for you to pack, move, and unpack. Hiring experts will help you manage your time. You will have an option to select a time frame and sit back and relax. In addition, you will be able to move out while you sell the home. You are the one who decides what to do with your time.

Possessions management is one of the reasons to avoid DIY move

Another reason you should avoid a DIY move is the tedious management of possessions. Depending on your belongings, this task can become a significant problem for a single person to handle. In that case, keeping track of all items becomes a nightmare that even a well-organized person will struggle to cope with.
Piece of paper with the word time written on it burning.
Time management is one of the reasons to avoid a DIY move

Money management

Another good reason that goes toe to toe with the previous one is money management. It may seem a DIY move can be an excellent moment to save up some money and cut the costs of moving along the way. That can be misleading since many things can go wrong in a DIY move, costing you a fortune.
Without help or guidance from experts in the field, you can easily stumble upon some pitfalls, and instead of the money you thought you would save by making a move alone, you will spend on repairing the damages. That is primarily due to security reasons, such as safety packing, insurance, and physical injuries that can occur during this process. You can dedicate all the money you will spend on previously mentioned scenarios to hiring moving experts and drastically reduce the chance they appear.
 Person saving money.

Save money by avoiding a DIY move

Avoid a DIY move for the safety of your belongings

Another essential aspect a DIY relocation lacks is the safety of your belongings. Even if you can pack your things and move them, there is always a question about their safety. Taking time to pack your items can be a sound strategy, but sometimes, it cannot be enough of a precaution. You will pay for the damages if anything happens to your belongings during the relocation process. When hiring a moving company, you sign an agreement that they are responsible for the safety of your stuff. Depending on the contract and company, you can have part of your stuff covered by insurance. That means that if any damages occur during the relocation, the moving company will be responsible and will pay amends.

A moving company can do the job for you

In previous paragraphs, we have discussed how DIY moves can be dangerous and the significance of hiring a good moving company. They are cheaper, easy to hire, and can be an excellent reason to avoid a DIY move. But how do you choose the right moving company? Since there are many moving companies on the market, the most assuring traits any company should have are:
  • dedication to your cause
  • good quality to payment ratio
  • has good insurance options
  • punctuality
With these traits and the right team by your side, you can easily make any type of move. It is often best to read the reviews before hiring them to ensure they have the desired features. Most of the time, these reviews show how the company fairs on the market.
Moving company van.

Hire a reliable moving company to avoid a DIY move.

Personal safety is one of the reasons to avoid a DIY move

There is no doubt about it. A DIY move can drastically cut your moving costs but also decrease your protection. That means you are more susceptible to physical injuries when moving alone. There are many heavy parts to lift, so even if you are in top physical condition, there is a chance of injury. So why risk carrying all that stuff yourself when you can hire people fit for the job? Appealing as it may sound, a DIY move is dangerous to your health, especially if you suffer from some illness.
On top of that, broken and damaged belongings can fall off and hurt you, making you spend more money on medical bills than you would on a reliable moving company.
Apart from these 6 reasons to avoid a DIY move, there are plenty more subtle reasons that may not be as powerful as these but can influence your moving experience drastically.

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