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How to cut costs for moving day

June 29, 2022

How to cut costs for moving day
You can definitely stick to your budget if you know the right tips and tricks.
More Americans are planning to move, now that work setups offer greater flexibility for professionals. Compared to previous years, the NDP Group discovered that 20% more Americans are planning to relocate during this time. Since many Americans are planning to move out at roughly the same period, however, the demand for moving supplies and services has also increased.

As a result, moving home can be quite expensive. Luckily, you can cut costs for moving day while ensuring the safety of your belongings by following these strategies:

Go for the DIY route on your move

It’s not easy to arrange the moving process all by yourself instead of hiring help. However, this option can help you cut down your moving budget, while also giving you lots of freedom in packing your belongings.

But it’s imperative that you start planning and packing months ahead to avoid last-minute issues and stress. This way, you have control over the whole move. You can even make eco-conscious decisions. For sustainability, Blue and Green Tomorrow suggests covering items with eco-friendly packagings, like cardboard boxes, old bags, and even suitcases. You can even cover fragile materials with makeshift cushioning and wrapping materials, such as blankets and clothes. Since you’ll be doing the moving process on your own, you also have the freedom to move your belongings to your new home whenever you want to. This way, you’re not just successfully completing your move, but you’re also helping the environment.

Consider the logistics of the moving truck

The DIY route is the most inexpensive option, but it may not always be the best option for homeowners who have limited time or numerous belongings to move. It may be impractical to make several trips from your old home to your new one, and it may end up costing you more. In this case, the best option is to rent a moving truck so you can move everything in one go.

One of the most popular moving truck rental companies is U-Haul. Since these types of moving services often have hidden costs, AskMoney clarifies that U-Haul rental prices cost $29.95 for a 15’ truck and $39.95 for bigger ones. However, the rental guide clarifies that you can reduce your costs by looking into the mileage fees of the truck rentals. The fee of the moving service can increase due to the mileage, so it’s better to get a big truck to reduce the excess costs. Before even choosing a truck size, make sure to round up all your belongings first to know how much space you really need for the move.

Choose a cheaper schedule for your move

Moving services are in high demand, especially now that more Americans are moving across the country. So aside from considering the logistics of the moving service you’re using, it’s also crucial to choose a schedule that meets your availability and your budget.

Fees can get expensive during peak season, so The Spruce recommends moving into your new home around fall, winter, or spring. The guide also recommends booking a moving service at least eight weeks in advance, so that you can score a better deal. At the same time, you can choose from a larger selection of movers and opt to work with the one that meets your budget if you book early.

Get a home warranty

This step may sound counterintuitive, but home warranties can help you cut down costs in case any unfortunate event occurs during your move. While moving services are handled by professionals, accidents can still happen during each trip.

So if you want to assess the pros and cons of getting a home warranty, our article entitled ‘Home Warranty Right for You?’ explains that this option is useful for individuals who don’t have the right skills to fix their own furniture. Replacing or repairing furniture can be too expensive, so you can get protection for expensive furniture like washing machines, refrigerators, and ovens. In case these appliances get damaged in the process, the home warranty can help cover the repair costs.

Moving day can be stressful, but you can reduce your financial worries by following these strategies. By establishing a smart plan for your move, you can protect your items without breaking the bank.
Article contributed by Rose Janssen
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