Biggest Home Staging Trends in 2023

April 5, 2023

Biggest Home Staging Trends in 2023


Selling a house may be thrilling and intimidating, especially if the seller wants to sell their property quickly. House staging has grown in popularity and importance in the real estate market. It entails preparing a property to highlight its greatest characteristics and make it more desirable to potential buyers. A well-staged property can help buyers see themselves living in the room. And this will increase the likelihood that they will make an offer. Sellers must remain current on these trends to display their houses to potential purchasers in the best possible light. Therefore, this article will elaborate on home staging trends for a quick sale. These trends can assist sellers in understanding the most recent home staging tactics that will help their houses stand out in a competitive market.

One of the biggest home staging trends for a quick sale is sustainability and eco-friendliness

Sustainability and environmental friendliness have emerged as major topics in recent years in the housing market. Homebuyers are now seeking eco-friendly properties that save money and have a lower carbon footprint. As a result, home staging experts advise using sustainable and eco-friendly materials in house staging.

Energy-efficient lighting, such as LED lights, showcases the property's greatest qualities. And, at the same time, saving potential purchasers money on energy expenditures. Natural elements, such as:

  • wood furniture
  • flooring
  • accent items

These elements can provide warmth and an environmentally beneficial touch to the home. As well as some organic materials are used for beds and curtains. This provides a sense of luxury while being ecologically friendly.

By integrating sustainable and eco-friendly components in home staging, sellers can attract eco-conscious buyers ready to pay more for a house with a lower carbon footprint.

Decluttering and minimalism

Minimalism and decluttering are key trends in house staging predicted to continue in 2023. The aim behind this trend is to create:

  • an open place
  • airy
  • clutter-free

House staging experts advise decluttering and eliminating personal objects to create a blank slate that potential buyers may see themselves filling with their stuff. This process is about removing excess items. And it also helps find the best fit for the space. This entails eliminating overly large furniture or rearranging furniture to create a more practical and pleasant room. Little modifications (such as moving a rug or adding a plant) can also significantly affect how a space appears and feels.

Sellers can begin decluttering by obtaining a free estimate from professional movers or decluttering services. This can help them save time and money. As well as this step will make the decluttering process more effective. When the unnecessary objects are removed, sellers may highlight the property's most outstanding characteristics. And, therefore, make the area more appealing to potential buyers.

The use of technology is another home staging trend for a quick sale

Technology is becoming increasingly crucial in the real estate sector as it advances. Home staging professionals already use virtual reality and 3D tours to promote houses to potential buyers. This lets buyers virtually tour a property and get a sense of the place before organizing an actual visit. You can also use smart home technologies like voice-controlled assistants and smart thermostats to demonstrate the house's technical potential.

For many potential purchasers, technology has become a "must-have," particularly for younger generations who have grown up with it. Sellers may attract prospective purchasers and boost their chances of selling their houses fast by exhibiting a home's technology potential.

Potential purchasers may inspect a property from the comfort of their home via virtual tours, reducing the need for visits and saving time for buyers and sellers.

Outdoor spaces

Outdoor areas have become a critical selling element for homes. They are certainly included in one of the biggest home staging trends for a quick sale. This is because more people seek ways to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of their own homes. Experts in home staging advise establishing an appealing outside environment.

An appealing outdoor space may make a good first impression on potential buyers and help a house stand out. Outside furniture such as:

  • a comfy lounging area
  • a dining table
  • outdoor lighting

Having an outdoor space that is an extension of the home will assist potential buyers in seeing themselves spending time outside, which can be a winning offer for sellers. It can also make a smaller house look more prominent. Thus, when buyers notice the extra space, they can utilize and enjoy it.

Bold colors and patterns

Home staging professionals advise utilizing vivid colors and patterns in modest doses to bring interest and personality to a space.

Vibrant colors and patterns can make a big difference in a room, providing energy and excitement. Bold accent elements such as:

  • colorful throw cushions
  • a vibrant rug
  • a bright piece of artwork

All of these elements will create a focal point and add visual interest to a space. Similarly, putting patterned drapes or wallpaper in a tiny area, such as a powder room or foyer, can leave a lasting impression on prospective buyers.

Using vivid colors and patterns sparingly is critical, as too many can be overwhelming and distracting. Experts in home staging advise utilizing vibrant colors and patterns as accent pieces while keeping bigger objects like furniture and walls in moderate tones.

The power of home staging

House staging has become a crucial strategy for sellers seeking to sell their homes fast and for the highest possible price. The value of home staging resides in its ability to highlight a property's most remarkable characteristics and create a friendly and inviting setting for potential buyers. By following the most significant home staging trends for a quick sale in 2023, sellers can make their properties stand out from the crowd and appeal to potential buyers.


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