The Town of Kentfield, Marin County

March 25, 2013

The Town of Kentfield, Marin County
Situated between RossGreenbrae, and LarkspurKentfield is part of Marin County and is not technically a Town.  However, it feels like a town. Divided into three areas there is Del Mesa, Kentwoodlands, and Kentfield Gardens near the Bacich Elementary School. Kentfield has superb temperate climates, rolling hills with magnificent views, and trailheads on Crown Road.  All within close proximity to both the City and the East bay, Kentfield is one of the most desirable places to live.
The center of Kentfield is the Kentwoodlands Shopping Center with its amazing grocery store and wonderful small shops which serve the community. The Woodland Market is beloved by everyone who enters there, the deli, fresh produce and cheeses, wine cellar, and warm bakery goods draw foodies from far and near.  A big event is the annual community barbecue in the parking lot. The shopping center is bordered on the north by College of Marin a California Junior College.  The College offers excellent classes, a wonderful sports, and nursing program, and is a center of cultural events for the area.
One claim to fame is that the two men Roger Kent and John Muir developed the National Park Service and deeded Muir Woods to the country while developing Kentwoodlands for lucky homeowners.
Don’t miss breakfast or lunch at Half Day Cafe, a great meal at Woodlands Cafe, and the books at First Street Books.

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