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The Importance of Quality Photography when Selling your Property

September 25, 2023

The Importance of Quality Photography when Selling your Property

Real estate is very much a tangible investment, but for many prospective buyers, the search for a home begins by looking at photos online. According to a 2022 survey by the National Association of Realtors, a whopping 96% of recent buyers used online tools in their search for properties on the market. In the average of ten weeks it took respondents to find a suitable home, they looked at around five homes, four of which they viewed exclusively online.

Today’s typical first-time buyers are, on average, 36 years old. These tech-savvy millennials have the know-how to apply for loans, secure deals, and purchase new homes, all from the comfort of their current one. This is all made possible thanks to comprehensive, high-quality photography, which is able to give buyers all the visual information they need to be sure about such a large purchase. Real estate professionals should understand the unparalleled value of photography when it comes to closing a sale and use it to their advantage. After all, if one is able to make a compelling case for a property using virtual means, then its potential buyer market expands far beyond only those who can physically visit the location.

Choosing the right camera

Whether you’re a seasoned real estate professional juggling multiple properties or a novice looking to make an impactful sale, investing in a great camera can pay you amazing dividends over time. Even the most beautiful homes can look lackluster when photographed with a low-quality camera. On the other hand, homes that are photographed professionally command an asking price that’s up to 47% higher. If you aren't hiring a professional photographer, digital camera kits are a great investment, especially if you’re looking to sell more than one property. Consider a DSLR camera if you need to capture both a property’s sweeping views and intricate details, as interchangeable lenses and specific camera bodies make a variety of angles and shots possible. If you need a suggestion, the Nikon Z 9's 45.7-megapixel resolution and focus shift capability allow you to stack focused shots, creating a crisp resulting image, and you can record in cinematic 8K 30fps for immersive video tours that buyers will love.

Tips for indoor home photography

If you own the home you’re selling, you want the home’s unique story to be told through photos. Potential buyers can then see that narrative and be emotionally drawn to the home. This is why indoor photography is important. When taking photos of rooms, be sure to focus on space and natural light. You want people to see the room as if they were walking into it, so shoot at a height that resembles eye level. Transferring your gear from one wing of a house to another – much less one for-sale property to another – can be time-consuming, so be sure you have a camera bag handy. Lowepro has created a line of top-loading camera bags for fast and easy access, featuring interior zippered pockets to keep small items safely sequestered from your camera. You can wear the bag across your body or with a built-in belt loop for convenience.

Tips for outdoor home photography

A survey by the National Association of Home Builders found that 87% of prospective buyers want exterior lighting, 82% want a patio, and 81% want a front porch – all of which can be shown off with great outdoor photos. However, outdoor photography can be tricky because of uncontrollable lighting conditions. To manage that as best as possible, shoot during a time window when sun exposure flatters the house most.

Meanwhile, one aspect of outdoor photos that you can control is camera shake, which causes blurry pictures. In this case, a portable tripod goes a long way for image stabilization. Simply set up your camera and take a timed photo for the sharpest results.

Photography skills are essential in many modern-day careers, but in real estate, it can make or break a sale, whether it's to an outside party or a friend or family member. A well-timed, well-composed photo might just be what an on-the-fence buyer needs to make their decision.


Article contributed by Rose Janssen

Exclusively for Alamere Real Estate

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