Stop Working From Your Couch! Use These Tips to Set Up a Home Office Instead

August 21, 2020

Stop Working From Your Couch! Use These Tips to Set Up a Home Office Instead

Stop Working From Your Couch! Use These Tips to Set Up a Home Office Instead

BY Katie Conroy,
Okay so working from your couch or your bed or your kitchen table can certainly do in a pinch. But when it looks like you’ll be working from home for the foreseeable future, you really need to carve out some dedicated workspace. Doing so will help you retain productivity and some sanity if you’re in lockdown with kids, pets, and a spouse. Now you may be asking yourself whether setting up an office in a smaller home is even possible. You’re sure to have a few other questions as well and these handy resources can help answer all of them.

Should I Just Find a Bigger Home?

Before you start making major changes to your current home, you may want to think long and hard about whether that home truly fits your growing needs. Here are some things to consider: 
  •       Some signs it’s time for a bigger place is a lack of storage and space to move around.
  •       But it’s also important to think about the added expenses that come with a bigger home.
  •       If you decide to buy a new home, start getting your old home ready to sell.
  •       You should also hire an experienced real estate team, like Marin Real Estate.
  •       Know that selling or buying a home during the pandemic can be done safely.

Where Should I Set Up My Workspace?

Okay, so once you’ve settled on keeping your current home or moving to a new one, you can start making plans for your new workspace. Just be sure to think about these essential tips:
  •       Productivity should be your top priority, so set up your office in a private area.
  •       This could mean using a spare room, if you have it, and converting it into a workspace.
  •       If you’re working with minimal space, know that you can always use room dividers.
  •       You can also set your workspace up in a small closet, for a more creative solution. 


Where Can I Find Furniture to Fit a Small Space?

When your home is short on square footage, you really need your home office furniture and decor to pull double duty. Luckily there are endless options for outfitting a smaller space: 
  •       Start with your desk and consider looking for one that won’t take up a lot of space.
  •       Next, you need a comfortable chair that will help you avoid aches and pains.
  •       Or you could go with a standing desk if you’d rather not sit all day long.
  •       Add some essential tech to make your new home office functional.
  •       Finally, look for stylish decor that will help you keep your small office organized.
 Whether you want to stick with your smaller home or buy a bigger one, you have plenty of options for creating a productive and practical home office. You just need to get creative with your placement, furniture, and decor, and of course, have this guide to help you out. So don’t let your limited space keep you from setting up your dream home office.

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