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Should you sell your house furnished or unfurnished?

July 11, 2022

Should you sell your house furnished or unfurnished?
Property owners planning to sell their homes are often puzzled by this question. On the one hand, most real estate professionals agree that it’s better only minimally to furnish a home to attract potential buyers. On the other hand, some contend that it’s in the home seller’s best interest to sell their property empty. So, let’s find out whether it’s better to sell your house furnished or unfurnished once and for all.
After deciding to sell your property, the main concern is how to market it to prospective buyers. According to Alamere Real Estate, putting up a home for sale involves several decisions at every stage of the process. Ultimately, you have two options. First, you can sell it unfurnished, leaving your buyers with the choice of styling their new abode according to their taste. Alternately, you can use furnishings, artwork, and other items to offer homebuyers a place that meets all their fundamental and luxury needs. On that note, take a look at the pros and cons of selling a furnished and unfurnished property.

Benefits to selling your house furnished

The majority of sellers offer furnished properties for two reasons. Either it’s the most straightforward choice, or they acknowledge that furniture increases a home’s livability.
But if you need to move out quickly, the professional advisors at Best Long Distance Movers suggest you skip furnishing your house. Why? Because failing to equip the property will only lower its worth.
Consider the advantages of equipped properties while deciding whether to sell your house furnished or unfurnished.

It’s easier for buyers to see themselves living there

Adding furniture enhances the property’s appeal and creates a homey atmosphere. Moreover, it would be best to immediately concentrate on making a good impression on potential customers. An interested buyer should know where their furnishings could be positioned while viewing your house. This speeds up their decision-making process regarding whether or not to purchase it.

The living space feels roomier than it really is

Furthermore, an empty room appears smaller than it is. Even if they measure the room, it will be challenging for buyers to determine how to maximize the available space. But when you add a few pieces of furniture, the area appears larger and looks more appealing to customers. Thus, they benefit from knowing how to utilize the room space. With this strategy, you can considerably increase your property’s worth and sell it for the desired price.

It diverts the customers’ attention from minor issues

True, you’ll find it difficult to hide flaws like leaking drainage pipes or fractures in the walls. However, you can divert buyers’ attention from minor issues within your home. Customers will be more drawn to how they may utilize the space with their furnishings after purchasing the property. Your chances of distracting your visitors are doubled with professional home staging. While viewing a tastefully staged house, they’ll surely fail to notice the little creases or scratches in the background.

Benefits to selling your house unfurnished

When a vacant home, purchasers have a blank slate to modify the area as they like. Additionally, many prefer empty rooms, seeing this as an opportunity to fill the space with their possessions. Though it creates a more comfortable living environment, this may complicate the relocation for buyers moving long distances. It’s essential to know the possible obstacles that may arise, like moving bulky or delicate items safely.
Some vendors opt to sell vacant homes as it is more practical and affordable.

It speeds up both the preparation and sale

First of all, you can prepare unfurnished homes for sale more quickly. Cleaning jobs like dusting, vacuuming, washing down walls, and other errands are much simpler to complete when furniture is out of the equation. Naturally, getting your house ready for purchase takes a while when you have decades-old belongings lying around. Compared to an empty property, it requires significantly more time and effort, extending the duration of the selling process.

It’s less expensive and time-consuming

Setting up a home sale is a challenging endeavor, both timewise and moneywise. However, selling a vacant house simplifies the selling process. You can easily arrange an appointment whenever prospective buyers want to see the residence. Additionally, you save money by forgoing the cost of hiring decorators or professional stagers. Furthermore, you can forget about having to clean or buy new furniture.

Impress the buyers with open space and a stunning room layout

Finally, an empty house can better showcase its house design and architectural features. Some purchasers may value seeing and visualizing the space’s full potential with their own eyes. In contrast, the presence of other people’s items may obstruct their view.

Seek a Realtor®’s advice on whether to sell your house furnished or unfurnished

If you put your house on the market, you may want to consider whether it would draw more attention to furnished or unfurnished. Make sure to talk to a real estate professional about which option puts you in the best position in the local market. While you’re at it, check local laws regarding the sale of homes and furniture so that you don’t get into any legal trouble. Furthermore, preparing additional questions for the estate agent when selling your property is always a good idea.
Realtors® can assist home sellers in reaching the right decision in every aspect of their home sales.

The takeaway

All in all, you can sell your house furnished or unfurnished and be successful either way. Knowing how each option may benefit your home sale can guide you towards making the right choice. Even so, it’s best to check with a real estate agent about whether your region is better suited for selling homes furnished or unfurnished. After all, your goal is to sell your house as quickly as possible, with minimal effort, and for the best price possible. And who better to consult you about these conditions than a seasoned realtor!

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