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Should you move out while you sell?

February 22, 2022

Should you move out while you sell?
By, Lisa Roberts
Selling a home is a big undertaking. It often takes a lot to decide to sell and move to a new residence. Our homes are rich with memories and all the small and large things that make them special to us. However, once the decision has been made, it’s essential to have everything well planned out. Many people struggle to sell their homes while still living in them. Staging a house while living in it is not the easiest thing to do. Let’s not even get into having work done around the place to prepare it for the big sale. So, what is the best strategy for selling your home? Should you stay in, or should you move out while you sell? Let’s dive in and have a look at all the pros and cons of moving out while selling.

The Pros of moving out while selling

There are numerous benefits to moving out of the property that’s being sold. Understandably, this is often difficult due to financial factors. But is it worth temporarily relocating to another place of residence until the property is sold? Some of the positive sides of moving out while you sell are:
  • Allowing for renovations to be over quickly and efficiently
  • Avoiding additional emotional involvement
  • Having the home open and ready for viewing at any time

Living in a home that’s being renovated

Often, before the house is ready for sale, there needs to be some work done. This may involve work that demands a lot of space and isn’t very clean. Staying at a house while works are underway is very difficult. There is often a feeling of a lack of privacy, and the noise can be unbearable. Being kept out of entire areas of your house can additionally complicate your day-to-day activities. This is especially true for homes with a single bathroom currently undergoing renovation. Just imagine not being able to use your only bathroom for days! Indeed, this could prove to be a complete nightmare.
It's essential to make room for any work that needs to be done on the property before you put it up for sale to raise its market value

Emotional involvement

It’s indisputable that selling a home is more emotionally demanding than buying one. Having to leave behind a lot of memories is never an easy decision. Because of this, it may be a good idea to distance yourself from the property while potential buyers are looking at it. Being less involved emotionally will make the sale smoother as there is a smaller chance of questioning the decision to sell.

Living in a house while staging it

Properly staging a house is key to a successful sale. Potential buyers will want to see the property in its entirety. This could prove to be difficult with personal belongings all around the place. The walls may be covered with paintings and family photos, and all the rooms may be lined with shelves and furniture. Looking at a house with all of this on display can create a wrong first impression. Potential buyers need to be able to feel a sense of freedom. Looking at an empty room is like looking at a blank canvas. It’s up to them to create their masterpiece of interior design.
When wondering whether you should move out while selling, consider that the potential buyer should see as much available space as possible.

The cons of deciding to move out while you sell

While there are plenty of convincing arguments to move out while selling, there are things to consider on the other side of the fence. When deciding whether you should move out while you sell, it’s important to lay everything out before making the final call. Let’s explore some of the drawbacks of moving out.

Renting another house or apartment

While it may be helpful to be away while the house is being staged and viewed, financial factors are also at play. Sometimes, it’s not viable to move out due to a lack of funds to rent another place. Even if it’s temporary, this could put a considerable dent in your budget. This is especially problematic if it takes a little longer to sell than initially anticipated. Staying at your house while potential buyers are looking at it helps you bypass these expenses. You may even need to stay after the property has been sold for a certain amount of time. It would allow you to buy a house in the meantime. It is also something you can negotiate with the buyer.


If you decide to move out temporarily, it’s not as simple as packing a bag or two. There will be items that should be removed from the house, but you may not need or want them with you in your temporary accommodation. In this case, you will have to look at storage options. Depending on the size of the unit and how specific your demands are, this could be a significant expense. As with renting a house or an apartment, the longer it takes to finalize the sale, the longer you’re paying for the storage.

Moving made easier

If you’ve decided to move out while you sell, you want to make the moving process as simple as possible. Many companies offer professional services for local and long-distance moving, but make sure you browse USA Moving Reviews first. You need to take a detailed look into services offered by multiple licensed moving companies before you can choose the one that will give you the best value for your money. Only once you have compared a few companies can you pick the one that seems most in line with your requirements. Get your free quote and be on your way to a temporary residence while your house is being sold. Just remember to make sure the company you pick has storage options available!
Consider hiring moving experts if you decide to move out while selling

Should you move out while selling – concluded

While remaining at the property during the selling process may cut some costs, it’s usually the best idea to move out. Most realtors also agree that it makes their job easier if the owners are not on the premises at all times. Keeping this in mind, it’s now probably easier to make the right decision. Good luck with the sale!

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