Important Considerations for Marin County Homebuyers

October 7, 2013

Important Considerations for Marin County Homebuyers
There is a veritable smorgasbord of homes available in the Marin County, CA area. From cozy condos and lovely family homes to grand, luxury properties and wide, open farmlands, Marin County has it all. It is one of the most desirable areas for people to live their lives and raise their families. The right real estate professional can help you find your dream home but, you will need to do your homework prior to getting out there to look at the homes available on the market.

The Perfect Place

Considering Marin County encompasses eight hundred and twenty-eight square miles, there are a host of neighborhoods that you must consider before making your final decision.  It’s wise to thoroughly check out the neighborhoods before taking the time to look at homes for sale. You should drive through the various towns to see if the properties are well-kept and tidy. Of course, there’s always a house or two that lacks care but if in general, the area is well maintained, you should consider it to be a possible town for you. Knowing which towns are acceptable to you will eliminate wasting time while house hunting.

Exceptional Schools

Homebuyers who have children should seriously check out the educational facilities in each town. Although all schools fall under the Marin County School District, not all of the schools have the same ratings. It’s essential that you learn each school’s rating before considering buying a home.

Great Green Space

Access to great green spaces is an important factor, especially for families with children or those who are very active. Being near a park will cut down on travel time while taking the kids to baseball practice and other activities offered through the Marin County Parks Department. You should make sure there are parks available throughout the community.

A Proper Property

It’s best to know whether you would like to buy a condo or a single-family dwelling. There are pros and cons to each option. Those who absolutely despise yard work might be happier in a condo however; condos require homeowner association fees, which can be costly. Single-family homes offer more privacy than condos but there’s a lot of maintenance and upkeep involved with them. The pros and cons differ for each family so you should create your own list prior to deciding which type of property you would like to buy.

Experienced Marin County Realtors

The best asset you can have in searching for a home is an experienced real estate professional. Marin Real Estate offers both buyers and sellers personalized service. Check out Marin Real Estate’s website at to learn why they are the premiere realtors in the county.

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