How to Feel at Home After Relocating to a New City

July 21, 2020

How to Feel at Home After Relocating to a New City
It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of selling your home, buying a new one, planning your move, and traveling to your destination. But moving to a new city can feel strange and foreign, especially if you’re coming from out of state. Many homeowners don’t start thinking about adjusting to their new home until after the big move. If you’re wondering how to ease the transition, try some of these tips to help your family feel at home in your new environment.

Personalize Your New Space

You’ll have an easier time adjusting after your move if you take some time to personalize your new home. Consider doing some light remodeling to make your space feel more like you. Just be sure to go easy and take it one room at a time! In the meantime, you can hang some paintings and add plants to make the rest of your house feel like home. My Truck Buddy recommends choosing paint colors that coordinate with your existing furniture so your new home feels harmonious and inviting.
Likely, you’ll also notice issues that weren’t obvious before you finalized your purchase. Evaluate what can be easily addressed to make your new surroundings more comfortable. If you’re missing blinds in a room, this is easily fixed with curtain rods and curtains. If the showerheads are leaking or old, replace them with new ones. Or if the tap water isn’t up to your standards, invest in a water purifying system you can set up on your kitchen counter. For example, the Berkey system with the Black Berkey water filter guarantees you’ll always have clean, refreshing drinking water. By tackling some of these smaller details immediately, you’ll be able to focus on the bigger stuff, like unpacking.

Unpack and Get Organized

Before the move, strategic packing will help you get settled into your new home more quickly. Do yourself a favor and create a “moving essentials” checklist before packing up your old home. This will ensure you have access to everything you need during the first few days in your new home. For the rest of your possessions, create a simple organizational system so all of your moving boxes end up in the correct rooms on moving day. These steps will make the unpacking process a lot easier!
When it’s time to unpack, recommends starting with your kids’ rooms. This will help comfort your children and provide a sense of familiarity in their new environment. Moving can be tough on children, so do whatever you can to keep your kids’ schedules consistent and occupy their time with enjoyable activities. For example, you may let your children design their rooms and participate in discussions about the rest of your home décor.

Get to Know Your Neighborhood

Getting acclimated to your new home is just the first step toward feeling comfortable in a new city. To get settled in, head out into your community! Do some work in your front yard and introduce yourself to any neighbors walking by. Take a walk down to the local shops and say hello to the owners. If you like to host, you could even throw an open house for everyone on your street. This will give you a chance to learn about your neighborhood from the people who live there. You can also learn about your new city by taking a trip to your visitor’s center, local library, or coffee shops — these are great places to meet locals and make new friends as well!
Remember, it can take a few months before you start to feel comfortable in your new surroundings. It’s perfectly normal to feel a little awkward or isolated when you’re a newcomer in an unfamiliar city. So, take steps to make your home feel welcoming and get out into your community. You’ll feel at home before you know it!

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