Four Basics of Moving Houses

January 27, 2023

Four Basics of Moving Houses

Moving can be an exciting time in one’s life, but it can also be a significant source of stress, depending on how often you relocate and your housing tenure type. If you find yourself moving constantly or are in the process of becoming a homeowner, you may feel more physically and mentally drained compared to people who are relatively stable in their homes. Instead of giving in to fatigue, knowing the basic principles of moving is essential so you can lessen the hassle and settle in without a hitch.

Here are some critical tips to keep in mind when planning for your move:

Stay organized

Being disorganized during the moving process can increase your stress and the likelihood of something going wrong. Keeping your rental or purchase papers, contracts, and other vital documents in one big folder can keep everything you need organized and in one place. If you need to procure one of these papers, you know exactly where to look for them and won’t waste time trying to remember where you put it. Consider keeping hard copies instead of digital ones, so you don’t worry about dead batteries or lost devices during the move.

Prepare your utilities and appliances

Preparing or scheduling your utilities like electricity, water, or heat is crucial for an easy and efficient move. To avoid settling in without your utilities, schedule them ahead of time and do some follow-up calls in the weeks or days before the move. It may also take a while to fully set up your electronic appliances, so have portable equipment or alternatives in place to ensure you meet your basic needs. If you’re unpacking on a hot day, you can plug in a portable aircon to make the moving process more comfortable. In particular, the HAILANG mobile air conditioner solves the heat and performs as a dehumidifier and a dryer— helping your new room and moved items stay fresh and free of foul odor. For other appliances, you can even look into rental services that allow you to borrow must-haves for a fee, which can be great during emergencies.

Be efficient

One of the most stressful aspects of moving is the packing, and leaving it until the last minute or not being efficient can only add to your frustration. Couple that with boxes or bags that break easily or broken and missing items, and those inconveniences can really drive things through the roof. To preserve your peace of mind and keep things moving quickly, it’s best to be efficient with your packing. Start packing months in advance with stuff you don’t use regularly. Avoid destroyed boxes and damaged goods by investing in reusable boxes or storage containers. Containers like the HDX Tough Storage Totes from Home Depot are affordable and come in different sizes, making them easy to bring your things around when moving. You can also use these containers for storage and organization after the move.

Keep things clean

Clutter can also contribute to stress and moving issues, so cleaning up in your new home and staying mess-free during your move is essential. You might end up losing things or even causing injury if you trip over something. One effective strategy for cleaning your home is to do it in the most efficient process. Start with hard-to-clean areas like the bathrooms and kitchen, then work on the other rooms that are easier to work with. Clean from top to bottom to avoid dust and dirt from getting onto clean surfaces so you won’t have to clean them all over again.

Moving can be a challenge, but it can also be a gratifying experience. If you plan and strategize well, you can minimize your stress and stay level-headed during the process. This makes it easier for you and even for your new home.

Article contributed by Rose Janssen

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