Easy Ways to Transform Your Garage Into a Dream Home Office

May 14, 2020

Easy Ways to Transform Your Garage Into a Dream Home Office
When building or buying a new home, most people focus on having the essentials such as enough bedrooms and bathrooms, a functional kitchen, and a spacious living room. As time goes on and homeowners go through transitions in life, what they expect and want from their homes also changes. Many people have come to realize that having an office in their home can make it easier to accomplish more in a shorter period of time. Whether you’re self-employed or you’ve been working for the same company for decades, having a separate space in your home for work can increase productivity. Here are some easy ways to transform your garage into your dream home office.

Put in a new floor

Most garages have concrete floors which can be uncomfortable and unstylish. Unless you’re going for a modern-industrial look, you may want to consider putting in a new floor. Wood has become the default material for most offices due to its sleek and aesthetic look. It’s also much easier to manage and clean than carpet. You can always add runners or space rugs depending on how your garage is laid out.

Find the best lighting

Lighting is an important aspect of any office space. You’ll want to find a good combination of ambient lighting for mood and work lighting for more practical reasons. As garages are usually devoid of windows and other sources of natural light, you might have to add some extra light sources throughout the space. You could even replace your garage door with translucent material to really bring out the best of natural lighting and give your new office a warm feel.

Work on heating and cooling

Since most garages are only initially built to protect and store cars, these structures usually don’t have much insulation. Furthermore, there aren’t usually heating and cooling systems installed, which you’ll need if you’re building an office. Before you work on any interior design aspects of your new office space, it’s important to make any necessary changes regarding the climate of the area. Whether you want to add extra insulation or install an HVAC system, it’s better to do this before diving into the finer details.

Start with designing the basics

Once you’ve structured the skeleton of your new office, it’s time to start focusing on the design and overall concept. You’ll want to start with the basics and build around these fundamentals. For example, you could start by painting the walls a neutral, warm color and purchasing a desk and chair. From there, you might be able to identify some decorations that match the furniture. Continue adding your own unique flare until your office has come to life.

Build a new structure

If you don’t have a garage or any space in your home to convert into an office, you can always build an entirely new structure. Starting from scratch gives you the advantage of customizing every aspect of the project to meet your needs. Before you begin, make sure to decide which kind of material you’ll use to construct the building. Wood and steel are both popular options with unique advantages. While steel is more durable and typically stronger than wood, it is also more expensive. Wood, on the other hand, is easier to manage and is more affordable.
If you’ve been wanting a dedicated place to work at home, you should consider converting your garage into the office of your dreams. These easy-to-follow steps can help guide you in the right direction to take your garage from storage space to office space. 
Photo Credit: Pixababy.com

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