Best places to raise a family in Marin County

May 11, 2022

Best places to raise a family in Marin County
By, Lisa Roberts
Marin County is a very desirable area to live in. People are drawn there for its many opportunities and great opportunities. It’s a great area to raise your family in. If you’re planning on doing that, here is the list of the best places to raise a family in Marin County.

1. San Anselmo

San Anselmo is a little town located about 20 miles north of San Francisco. It has a dynamic, close-knit population with plenty of charm. A small group of Marin County residents deemed San Anselmo the finest location to call home. The beautiful creekside site, intriguing history, and many activities are all reasons to come here. San Anselmo has a lot to offer:
  • diversified non-mall retail options
  • several excellent eating places
  • bicycle paths
  • galleries
  • museums
  • cultural attractions.
However, your credit card may be at risk if this ends up being the place where you decide to raise a family in Marin County.

2. Ross

This Marin County town is one of the most excellent locations to call home. There’s a rural vibe about Ross, and most inhabitants own their houses. You can find several restaurants, cafes, and parks in Ross. Ross’s public schools have an excellent reputation. This is one of the most important considerations when purchasing a property in Marin County. It’s a lovely upmarket town with a good number of small businesses. For the most part, this is a secluded area.
However, there isn’t a lot of variety (racially, economically, or otherwise). Despite this, the public is polite and wealthier individuals are not pretentious. Ross is a lovely town with excellent public safety. In general, the people in this area are kind and welcoming, making it a wonderful environment where one can raise a family. Kids from kindergarten to 12th grade can benefit from public school education.

3. Corte Madera

Corte Madera, a bright piece of suburbia tucked amid Marin’s countryside, is considered Larkspur’s twin city. Whether you’re a young couple starting a family or an empty nester looking for a peaceful retreat – Corte Madera, California, might be the perfect destination. The town’s various open spaces encourage residents to spend time outside.
Living in Corte Madera also has the advantage of being close to San Francisco, which is only 15 miles away. Since the city is just a short distance away, you’ll enjoy all of its perks while still avoiding fog. Corte Madera inhabitants place a high value on education. So, many of the town’s schools are recognized as California Distinguished Schools.

Many choose it for their families

A great education system is one of the biggest reasons families come here from far away. You may be planning a long-distance move across California to provide your children with the very best public education. If that’s the case, make sure to hire reliable long-distance movers and have a safe transfer across California, where all of your items will remain out of harm’s way. 

4. Kentfield

You can find beautiful hiking paths here and some really friendly people! It appears as if nature surrounds you everywhere you go. There are fantastic eateries such as Pico’s Pizza in downtown Larkspur and fantastic coffee shops such as Rustic Bakery close by. Additionally, being near San Francisco while being located outside of the city in Marin County is a perk on its own. Simple transit options such as public buses and the Larkspur Landing Ferry that connect you to city life are also quite handy.

5. Larkspur

Known for its tight-knit community, charming streets, and rich history, Larkspur is a picturesque tiny town. Larkspur is an excellent spot to relocate your family if you don’t want to be surrounded by the continual traffic of San Francisco. It’s far enough away from the city to escape traffic, making it convenient to get to work. Many historical buildings, world-class dining establishments, charming shops, and first-rate educational institutions may be found here. Like neighboring Marin County communities, Larkspur has impressive parks and trails. That makes it an ideal location for hikers of all fitness levels.

6. Tiburon

Tiburon is a little town that is safe and tidy. It provides breathtaking vistas and is also a mini-bike path in and of itself. Because so few people are aware of it, it does not receive much traffic. However, it is a famous tourist attraction because it is accessible via boat from Angel Island or San Francisco.
According to whatever side of the Tiburon peninsula you are on, you will either be able to view the Richmond Bridge and the Berkeley, Oakland and the Bay Bridge or see the stunning San Francisco cityscape with the Golden Gate gleaming out into the Pacific Ocean. Even though Tiburon is home to a handful of fancy restaurants and stores that are all within walking distance of one another, the city is most renowned for its real estate and family-friendly atmosphere.

7. Mill Valley

Mill Valley, California, has long been considered one of the loveliest little towns in the country, and with views of the San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge to boot, it’s easy to understand why. In Mill Valley, you’ll find the stunning Muir Woods National Monument, ideal for wildlife enthusiasts. Residents and visitors alike enjoy the convenience of being close to the city yet having access to the beach and a vibrant downtown area. Having so many gorgeous open space preserves, lush woods, and meandering trails makes it difficult to be lazy while you live here.

It’s a wise decision to raise a family in Marin County

When you want to provide the best of the best for your family, and you have the means to do that, Marin County seems like a logical choice. Great schools, low crime rate, and high living standard are all the great reasons one would decide to raise a family in Marin County, in any one of the places mentioned above. Yes, it might be a high-end area that’s a bit pricier. But, nothing can put a price on your children’s future, and by investing in a property in these neighborhoods, you’re investing in your kids’ quality of life.
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