7 Things That Can Hurt Your Property Value

August 3, 2022

7 Things That Can Hurt Your Property Value
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Before you put your home on the market, it is good to be aware of things that can hurt your property value. There are some you can do nothing about. Maybe just try to explain to potential buyers what kind of lifestyle those conditions are best suited for. Fortunately, there are lots of things you can do to improve the value of your home. Here are seven things that you need to take care of that are bringing down its value.

#1 A home with an outdated interior design makes buyers look the other way

As you probably already know, you are not just selling the house. You are selling a particular type of life that comes with it. The buyers will walk around a specific property and imagine what it would be like to watch TV in the living room or have friends over at that dining table. If the furniture is outdated and interior design details unfashionable, your risk creating a very unappealing image of daily life in a buyer’s head. If you intend to sell your home furnishedconsider investing a bit in its interior and get more offers. Sometimes even little details will do the trick. Pillows, vases, and little ceramic figurines in the same color can make a big difference.
Doing a bit of decluttering can go a long way to improve the impression your home makes on its visitors. Also, don’t forget the yard. Some grass trimming and general organizing would be a good idea before the buyers come.

#2 Structural damages bring down the home value tremendously

The esthetic appeal of a property is an aspect most buyers find to be a smaller problem than structural damages. When there is something wrong with a house, in a buyer’s head, there’s a chaotic mix of contractors, repairmen, and dust. These damages deter the people who don’t like to be involved in any additional works on the new property they buy. Also, due to them, your house will do much more poorly at the appraisal.
Experts from Affordable Reliable Moving Company noticed that many of their clients simply do not have the time to deal with the complicated repairs. They rather opt for homes that are structurally in perfect condition. Also, the amount of money you shall spend on fixing these damages is usually smaller than the price increase you will get. If you are not sure what to look for when inspecting your property for structural damage, pay attention to the following:
  • Damages that are the work of pests
  • Cracks in the ceiling or walls
  • The roof that is leaky or has depressions in it
  • Floors with visible damage in it
  • Doors and windows not functioning correctly
Generally speaking, buyers highly appreciate any improvement you make, which in their minds means less work for them. Therefore, doing some work on your property before it goes on the market is a good idea.
A damaged roof is one of the things that can hurt your property value.

It is a good idea to take care of the roof damages before your home goes on the market.
Alt-tag: A damaged roof is one of the things that can hurt your property value.

#3 Traces our furry friends leave around are one of the things that can hurt your property value

Any pet owner might find this fact disturbing, but the truth is, some people find animal smells and hairs bothering. The benefits of having a pet are undoubtedly many. Yet, you might want to remove your four-legged buddy’s traces from the inside of the house when you are trying to sell it. Or at least until the buyers are gone. It is understandable if you think this is an offensive request. Yet, you should think of it as cleaning after your pet, just like you do after yourself. Surely you will not leave the locks of your hair splayed on the sofa. It is a good idea to ask a friend to assist you with this. They should walk around your house and see if there are any unpleasant odors. Also, it would be best if you looked for signs if the pet has been doing some “decorating” around your home. Of course, you would only be adapting your home for a quicker sale and not getting rid of your fluffy buddy.
A dog lying on the carpet looking sadly at the camera.

Unfortunately, one of the things that can hurt your property value traces your pet leaves around your home.
Alt-tag: A dog lying on the carpet looking sadly at the camera.

#4 Problems related to the neighborhood can throw off some of the buyers

If your home is located in a part of the town with high environmental pollution or too much noise, there isn’t much you can do about that. Also, low ratings of local schools can be a problem for those looking for a good place to raise a familyFinally, bad neighbors can be a big issue too. Although these problems are something you cannot fix, it is important to be aware they can negatively affect your property value.

#5 Economic factors can both increase and decrease the value of your property

Another aspect affecting your property value is economic factors. Unfortunately, this is also something you can’t change. Generally speaking, if the overall status of one country’s economy is strong, the housing market will strive. On the other hand, higher unemployment rates, low GDP, and high poverty rates lead to decreased sales and, therefore, prices. Since this is out of your hands, try not to worry about it too much.
View of a man’s hands in front of a laptop and a calculator.

The economic factors are something that you can’t control yet, but they affect your property value.
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#6 Believe it or not, some people believe in ghosts, and that may affect the value of your home

As curious as it may sound to you, if there is a possibility a ghost haunts your property, its value will drop. To be precise, buyers may get spooked if there have been some deaths on your property. Especially the violent or premature ones. In California, sellers must disclose if any deaths occurred on their property, which rules out hiding this unpleasant fact.  

#7 Busy traffic around your home can be a problem for the buyers

The final of the things that can hurt your property value is the problems that arise from street traffic. First, the noise the cars generate on a busy road can be disturbing. If your property doesn’t come with a parking space, too much traffic and too few parking lots will throw off car owners for sure. Try to explain in detail to the potential buyers how you managed to overcome this problem. If noise is something you are not bothered with, tell them that. Make sure you point out that maybe you are used to it, just like they might become too. It is hard to judge who will react well to these persuasions, but that is all you can do to solve the issue.

Final thoughts

With all previously said, we can conclude that if you are trying to get the best price for the home you are selling, some preparations are in order. Take a good look at all the things mentioned above that can hurt your property value, and do what you can to solve all solvable issues. As for the rest, it is all left to chance and the buyers’ specific needs. Fortunately, everyone is different, and what is a problem for one person might not be important to the other, so surely there is a perfect buyer out there for your home. We hope you find them soon and at a good price too!
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